Foto: Jonas Fransson

vånna inget

Genre: Post Punk/Indie

Vånna Inget has been at the front of the stage for several years and despite its frequent touring in both Sweden and the US and Japan, new music from the acclaimed band been missing. Now is the wait finally over, now they are back with the new album "Utopi"!

When Vånna Inget returns with the album "Utopi", it is with the intention to set every heart that happens to catch fire in its path. It will not only be hard to avoid Vånna Inget's vibrant sad punk, but a minor impossibility. A war against their instincts. Vånna Inget may have seemed under our radar, sometimes being on the verge of being absent, but as soon as one is met by the introductory notes in the opening song "Fire", none of it matters anymore. Everything is forgiven.

The new album shows a more thoughtful Vånna Inget than before, but anyone who believes that the band's patented and inimitable nerve and intensity have been lost has made a gross mistake. Karolina Engdahl sings as usual with an imaginary knife against the throat and with the chest raised for public viewing, with syllable lyrics that cut deep into the soul. The barbed wire fence that always seems to surround Tommy Tift's guitar characters is sharper than ever before.