Foto: Jonas Fransson

svarta sanningar

Genre: Goth/Rock

Svarta Sanningar from Borås, can be described as a dirty version of Thåström with elements of dark metal. In November 2018, the debut EP "Chapter 1" was released, a thrilling story of screams, horror and devils.

In addition to the music, Svarta Sanningar has created a backstory about the band through the Black Society of True Truths, a group of doomsday entrepreneurs, misunderstood scientists and occultists. Chapter 1 is based on a fictitious conspiracy theory lined with ritual murders, company murders, and skirmishes.

The band consists of half of Beseech members Klas Bohlin / Sång and Håkan Karlsson / Trummor, as well as Jonas Persson / Guitar and Mattias Jejon / Bas.

Right now, Svarta Sanningar are working with the material for the next EP, Chapter 2.