Foto: Jonas Fransson


Genre: EBM

Spetsnaz will have their first show on Swedish ground in two years!

The EBM duo Spetsnaz was formed in Örebro, Sweden in the autumn of 2001 by Stefan Nilsson and Pontus Stålberg. After many years in different musical projects, both separately and together, they decided it was time to join forces for an EBM project. Through the whole 90´s it seemed like the genre faded away and the music turned into a more technoish style with a lack of the components that used to be classic EBM. This void needed to be filled and the first demo took form from that.

The band and the EBM scene was back in its full power after a few years where Spetsnaz was a catalysator in this movement, and by German music magazines they where called the engine in the new EBM wave.

Tracks like Allegiance and Faustpakt filled the dancefloors in electronic music clubs and the band went several tours during the years. Spetsnaz had grown to fill venues on two continents on our planet.