Foto: Jonas Fransson


Genre: Electropop

Seadrake is a synthpop supergroup consisting of singer Hilton Theissen (Akanoid, Dark Millennium), machine-wizard Mathias Thürk (Minerve) and bassist/keyboardist Rickard Gunnarsson (Lowe, Statemachine).

The band members met on the autobahn on various tours, playing together or collaborating on remixes and their shared desire of music led to the founding of Seadrake.

Coming from different countries and continents (Hilton growing up in South Africa, Rickard in Sweden and Mathias in East Germany) with bands like Depeche Mode, ABBA and Motörhead and maturing on NIN, Celldweller, and Scott Walker, they’ve found common ground in dark electropop and Seadrake.

The band’s latest singles On the Run, Lower Than This and Something Durable reached top positions on iTunes Alternative Charts, Deutsche Alternative Charts (DAC) and German Electronic Web Charts (GEWC) and their album Isola entered DAC at #8 and GEWC on #1.