Foto: Jonas Fransson


Genre: EBM

"REIN has more attitude than any other Swedish debutant this year," wrote Fredrik Strage when she made her debut in 2016 with her self-titled EP "REIN".

Since then she has appeared on P3 guld galan 2017, where she was also nominated for "Newcomer of the Year" and "Dance of the Year" After nominations from the GAFFA prize in 2018 and was praised by, among others, Jan Gradvall and Per Sinding Larsen when she released her second EP "Freedoom" she has also been on some of Europe's biggest stages. With songs like "Missfit", "CAPITALISM" and "In Don´t Get Anything But Shit From You" she now enjoys this year's Subkultfestivalen for the first time.