Foto: Jonas Fransson

Orange sector

Genre: EBM

In 1992, the two Hanoverians Lars Timm Felker and Martin Bodewell decided to make their contribution to the EBM stage. The name Orange Sector came from a random word game. The first demo songs were created in a one-room apartment. Neighbors testified loudly when the words "Arbeit ist Not" and "Kalt wie Stahl" were written on an Atari 1040St.

In 1993, the debut album "Faith" was released. A year later followed "Flashback" and the EP "Kids in America". But after some energetic live shows, Lars decided to leave the band for professional and family reasons. OS ended 1998 with the album "Masquerade" his career prematurely.

The comeback came in 2005 with a call from Infacted Recordings. Torben Schmidt persuaded OS to relive the old days. With their latest release from earlier this year, "Alarm", the band has found the sound they wanted when they started making their music. "Alarm" is the best, most consistent and political Orange Sector album in their 27-year band history.