Photo: Garfield Trummer

Photo: Garfield Trummer


Genre: EBM

"Raw And Pure" EP is NZ's debut and simply put a "must have" for every fan of old school electro and EBM. Sweat-inducing programming sequences, uncompromising basslines and brute vocals are just the indicators. 

Their aggressive sound is taking you back to the early days of electronic body music, or vice versa, transferring the glory of the past to the present, proving that 80s sound can be modern re-interpreted today! 

Every single track on "Raw And Pure" wants you to chant and dance, and shows that there is a way to fascinate multiple generations. NZ hit the nail on the head and the dance floor like a bomb, and Spetsnaz frontman Pontus Stålberg with his sence of club hits is responsible for this masterpieces mastering.