karin park

Genre: Pop, Electronica

Karin separates herself from other pop artists. She makes he music with its own individuality. Her voice screams of passion and a drive, even though she sings with ease and without any sort of doubt.

Watching Karin Park live is an experience rarely seen. She'll take over the stage with an incredible energy and make it her own. Karin Park is an artist that must be experienced, something you'll now be able to do in Trollhättan this summer.

During 2015 she released the universally acclaimed album "Apocalypse pop" and it's rumored that another thrilling album is on it's way. With regards to the lates release going more towards the rawer and dark sound, which we at Subkultfestivalen cheered for, we're hoping for Karin to bring her finest melodies and sound to our show this June.