Foto: Jonas Fransson


Genre: Electro Rock

Ilusio, trio that makes electronic rock with a melancholy feeling - in Swedish. With its combination of thick synthesizers, yummy guitar loops and heavy drums, the band has slowly but surely emerged and profiled in Gothenburg's music life.

With inspiration from eg. Kent, Ebba Green and M83, Ilusio's sound can be described as dystopian, melancholy and anxious but also hopeful. An honest and loving interpretation of how today's society looks and can be if we continue to live as we do today.

In 2018, Ilusio took speed seriously when they brought home the winner buck in the life competition Emergenza before an enthusiastic audience at Fryshuset in Stockholm. Strengthened in the knowledge that the audience likes them, and with a well-strengthened self-confidence in the live scene, it was quick to make the next decision: an EP release with all the songs performed during Emergenza.

The EP, which has been named "Låtsasworld", is now fully recorded and ready for release April 26th.

The single "Heartbeat" was released March 1 and their next single "Låtsasvärld" is released April 5.