+ what kind of tickets are there to buy?

Early-Bat ticket: Ordinary ticket to a cheaper price. If you've been able to get one before they flew away, then you must have made a clever choice :) The last date to purchase these will be announced on Facebook once the day is closing in.

Ordinary ticket: Entrance for both days at the festival.

Tickets for Fridag/Saturday: These tickets will appear when the full schedule is set.

Supporttickets: This is the ticket you can buy if you want to support us that work with this festival all year round voluntarily.

Camping: More info will come shortly.

+ how do i buy a ticket?

You can easily buy your ticket via our ticket seller: www.tickster.com or via the following link.

If you encounter any issues regarding your purchase of the ticket, then please contact Christian that's responsible for these questions at christian@subkultfestivalen.se.

+I want to upgrade my ticket to a Supportticket

Upgrades are not yet available, but will be available shortly.

+ i can't come, can i get my money back?

We do not buyback any bought tickets. We do instead recommend you to sell your ticket through our Facebook event or the Facebook group "Subkult Gathering"

+ I have my children with me, do I need to buy a ticket for them also?

Children up to 10 years old can enter the festival area for free. If you have children with you that's 11 years old and above you'll need to buy the regular tickets for them as well. Please note that children below 13 years old needs to use earmuffs to protect their hearings. This can be bought in the entrance if you do not bring your own.

+ what can or can't I bring to the festival area?

During this years festival you'll be able to bring your umbrella in to the festival area compared to last year when it was forbidden. This comes with a few conditions. You may not have your umbrella in the crowd at the festival due to saftey reasons and comfort reasons since the umbrella will cover the sight for other visitors. Please note that we sell cool ponchos at the site!

You can't bring the following:

  • Weapons (or other things that might be considered a weapon)

  • Tools

  • Liquids

  • Umbrellas (We sell really cool ponchos at the site)

  • Other sharp items

  • A Tank

  • Alcohol

  • Food bought from outsite the festival area

  • Patches that's breaking the law/hate speech

  • 99 Luftballoons

+ I'm in a wheelchair or have another impariment, how accessible or fitted is your festival to this?

We want everyone to be able to visit our great festival! For more info regarding this, look under the menu: Accessibility

+ age-limits at the festival?

Children under 3 years old won't be allowed to visit our festival, neither on the festival area or the camping area. Children up to 13 years old shall use ear protection under their visit at Subkult when live performances is being played on the stages. The parent or childrens guardian have the full responsibility that these rules are being followed. No one under 15 years old is allowed to visit Subkult without the parents company during the whole visit.

+ i've lost my things! what do i do?

Please check the infodesk if someone has left your belongings there during the festival. If you discover your loss after the festival, please contact info@subkultfestivalen.se or the venue Folkets Park in Trollhättan: 0520-49 68 69

+ subkults alcohol-drug policy

Backstage Rockbar is responsible for the alcohol sales within the designated area inside our festival area. They also have a VIP-area for guests with the VIP-tickets. You have to be 18 years old in order to access both of the areas. No alcohol is served outside of the designated areas.

Subkult use the same laws and rules in the festival area as the society as a whole. This means that it's forbidden to use drugs and narcotics. Subkults personel and guards have the right to banish you from the festival and cut your wristband for the festival If you're under the influence of narcotics. We also have the full right to banish heavily drunk visitors and advice everyone to use alcohol with responsibility and respect towards your fellow visitors at the festival.

+ is there any storage at the festival area?

More info about this will be available later.

+ can i charge my phone/speakers at the festival?

More info will be available about this later.

+ is there any vegetarian or vegan food?

Yes, there is vegetarian, vegan and meat available to buy in the festival area.

+ When is the festival area open/closed?

The festival area is open from 6pm at the Thursday and between 12:00pm and 02:00am at the Friday and Saturday. The last band stops playing at 01:00 am.

+ where is the festival located?

The address is: Kungsportsvägen 1, 461 39 Trollhättan

The festival is located at Trollhättan Folkets Park and the camping area is found at Knorretorpet (Lilla Knorretorpet) about 15 min walking distance from the festival area.


You can fly directly to Trollhättan Airport or to Landvettern Airport in Gothenburg. There is close connections to trains and busses from the festival, or you can just take your car to our festival.

More information is found at: www.vasttrafik.se or www.sj.se

There will also be a buss named Skuggbussen going from from Stockholm that also drives by Västerås and Örebro on the way there. You can find more information regarding this buss on their website.

+ Is there a parking area nearby?

Subkult doesn't provide dedicated parking space, but there's a public parking area close to the entrance. Since we're located in Trollhättan city there should be places to park your car within the walking distance.

+ is there any hotels nearby?

There's a lot of good hotels to fair prices in Trollhättan. Look at www.hotels.com for similar websites for different options.

+ do you have a camping area?

More info about our camping will appear later on. The information below is old information.
Subkult provides a camping area nearby at Knorren (Address: Knorretorpet 1). You can buy a camping ticket with your festival ticket, or if there's still open slots you'll be able to buy one at the entrance. You must have a ticket to the festival in order to buy a camping ticket and the most easiest way is to buy it at the same time that you buy your festival ticket.

The camping area opens up at Thursday the 15th of June 14:00 (02:00 p.m.) and closes at Sunday the 18th of June 12:00 (12:00 p.m.).

Food will be sold at the camping area during Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.

Here's a map over the way between the camping area and the festival area.

alt text

+ i wish to only buy a camping ticket, what do i do?

More info about this will appear later on.

+ camping rules

More info about our camping will appear later on.

You're only allowed to use tents on the camping area. No caravans or trailers allowed.

Marquees are allowed if there's enough space. The brought marquees will be reduced if the camping area is full. We ask for your understanding so that everyone will have a good time camping and sharing the space under each others marquees.

It's forbidden to bring bottles of glass to the camping area.

It's forbidden to light a fire at the camping area. The use of disposable grills and other kinds of grills will have to be used at designated places or grounds with gravel.

We follow the Swedish laws and rules when it comes to our alcohol and drug policy. You have to be atleast 20 years old in order to bring and use alcoholic beverages over 3,5%. Our volunteers and guards have the right to confiscate your alcohol if you're underaged.

+ is there any running water or food on the camping area?

Unfortunately there's too high of a cost for us to bring you running water, but we offer water in water containers that's regularly switched out or refilled daily in order for our visitors to always have water available.

Food will be sold in the camping area by a cooperating association, but it's not something that the festival will be responsible for. There will be some things to eat and drink that can be bought with cash or using the Swish app.

Couldn't find your answer? e-mail us at: INFO@SUBKULTFESTIVALEN.SE