Photo: Nevinth photography

Photo: Nevinth photography


Genre: Magdans

Entropy - A bellydancer with a twist!

In her teens, she discovered Sisters of Mercy and Covenant. Since she discovered the "dark side" she has embraced it with passion. Alternative music, vampire song, BDSM, everything that aroused her curiosity would be explored and experienced.

In 2007, she made a new life-revealing discovery; Tribal Bellydance. It was love at first sight! The power and expressiveness of the style imprisoned her and has made her just dance more and more. It was the beginning of a journey in finding new ways of expressing oneself and a new way of getting to know your body and how she can use it.

The disorder in her head that can make everyday things difficult to handle blooms in the dance out in creativity and expression. In the meeting with the audience, we all share the adventure desire and passion in the music and no behavior is usually the same.