Foto: Jonas Fransson

dead kittens

Genre: Punk/Rock

Dirk is a Dutch comic artist, KD is an Israeli multi-instrumentalist and producer, both have ended up living in Berlin.

They began making music together in 2015, after being friends for some years.

Their debut album "Pet Obituaries" was released in 2018 on Noisolution, and now, a year later, their second album,"I AM NOT A GHOST" will come out on 24.5.19.

Dirk sings about modern life, the human condition and random stuff that spills out of his tormented mind. His lyrics are poetic while critical, slightly insane but always on point.

Their live show is loud and wild - It's hard to believe only 2 guys are making all this crazy noise.

Dead Kittens are there to kick your actual AND mental ass at the same time.