Foto: Jonas Fransson

de lyckliga kompisarna

Genre: Punk

De Lyckliga Kompisarna, often abbreviated DLK, is a Swedish punk band that was originally active in 1989-1997 and then again since 2008. DLK was one of the bands that at the beginning of the 1990s constituted "the second punk wave". The band's most famous work is the song "Ishockeyfrisyr" (commonly called "Hockeyfrilla").

The driving force of De Lyckliga Kompisarna is singer Mart Hällgren, who over the years also played various instruments in the band. In 1989 he formed DLK together with Björn Gunér. The band's name was taken from a book about the cultural life in the Soviet Union: in a text a Soviet band was mentioned which in Russian was just called The Happy Friends(De Lyckliga Kompisarna).

In 1997, DLK completed its first active period with four gigs for three days at Kafé 44 in Stockholm. These plays were later merged into a live album.

In January 2008, the band announced that it would be reunited. Today, the band consists of Mart Hällgren, Jouni Haapala, Roger Reinstam and Simon Dahlberg. The first gig with the new constellation took place on the classic punk ground, Kafé 44 on February 22 the same year.

DLK is a classic band that never goes out of time, just like their countless classic songs.