Last musical release for 2017!

We release our last musical acts for this years party in Trollhättan! With our last release we see a lineup that is far stronger than what we could have imagined and we see a bright future as the hier of Arvika festival.

Container 90
You must admit that there is something disarming with EBM. Cause why make it harder than it is? Everything that's needed is a heavy drum machine, distorted synths and epic chanting singing. The result is still amazing. Container 90 is the band that truly have lived by the motto "cut the crap" and left is only the simple ingredients that's needed to crush all oppositions. We at Subkult is proud to give you Container 90, a band that's been delivering hard songs to a thirsty audience since 2004.

Zombie Girl
It's a long way between Vancouver and Trollhättan, but that doesn't stop Zombie Girl from coming here to us and we are really lyrical for this celebrity visit. Zombie Girl delivers her dark but catchy songs in a raging tempo that triggers you to both dance and filbrillation. With a perfectly balanced mix of industrial, electro and even some rock Zombie Girl appeals to a wide but niche audience. An obvious audience favourite tgat fits like a glove for Subkult this summer!

The Kasketeers
Psychobilly!!! What is a festival without psychobilly? Not a particularly groovy festival anyway. We wanted psychobilly and The Kasketeers is the band that fits the job. With groovy songs, the reverb-pedal push through the floor, blood, tattoos and contrabass is The Kasketeers the band that will shake Subkult in the foundation. You want brains? We give you The Kasketeers.