Pop acts is released!

Another release from us at Subkult! And this time we go from Goth to Pop, which is always great to be able to go as wide as we do with different kinds of genres. Our lineup starts to take shape and to keep on tracks from previous year we wanted some pop/indie rock to fill some gaps. You have probably heard of these three names if you like Swedish pop, and now we have the chance to see them live during this summers big party!

Moto Boy
He recently released his fourth album "New Music" and the new album is just what the name mplies. Together with the austrian Berlin-based producer Niko Stoessi (SlikNik) they changed the sound radically for Moto Boy. It's a eerie mix of scandinavian melancholy and the clubscene of Berlin and it has attracted collaborations with artists like Nina Persson (The Cardigans, A Camp), the Berlin-based duo Grau, Swedish polar-electronica artist Pikko and the drummer Christian Eigner (Depeche Mode, Daave Gahan).

Alice B
Alice B is already somewhat of an icon in the Gothenburg scene. With her beautifu and moving songs and lyrics she has been spellbinding her audience everywhere, even if its a show at Jazzhuset or if it is as support to Håkan Hellström at Ullevi infront of more than 55.000 people. Alice has released several albums that has all been praised in the press. This summer she is here with her latest release MEGA in her back that contains the total of 81 (!!!!!) songs!

Pale Honey
Palehoney is the minimalistic rockduo from Gothenburg that consists of Tuva Lodmark and Nelly Daltrey. Less than a year ago the critically acclaimed and P3-Gold nominated debut album "Pale Honey" was released. The album release was followed up with concerts both in Sweden and internationally, one of them being a sold out show at The Islington in London.
They recently released the brand new, P3-listed single "Real Thing", which was rewarded with a damn nice and eerie music video.