We release our last headline for 2017!

The goth veterans The 69 Eyes visits Trollhättan during this years festival together with the gothband Canis Lupus and the local synthpop band Dpoint. With the release today we want to show all goths that Subkult brings one more headline that gives us all something special to be looking forward this summer.

The 69 Eyes
The 69 Eyes is well known within the gothic scene, and we at Subkult is both proud and lyrical to be hosts this hard working and always relevant band!
A band that's been appealing to rockers and goths alike from the start in 1989 due to their perfectly balances music. A band that has always been following their vision and challenged their own and the fans fantasy. Helsinkis own vampires is a foundation in a strong finnish musical tradition with bands like HIM, Apocalyptica, Hanoi Rocks and Nightwish.

Canis Lupus
Formed in 1999 Canis Lupus was on their way up to make a name for themselves, when they went separate ways in 2006.
Many years later, in 2012, Finnish label GMR wanted to make a record from the old recordings.
The album "Shape of the Ghost" was out in 2013 and shortly thereafter Canis Lupus then started to reform out of its slumber.
In 2016 Canis Lupus was ready to hit the road again and they played at the biggest Scandinavian gothic show ”Lumous Gothic Festival” in Finland.
Now it's time for Canis lupus to keep on their journey and visit us at Subkult this summer.

Peter Andersson and Robert Widell in Dpoint raise the tempo, and dig deeper down into the darkness that's been incusingtheir latest albums. The music is inspired by bands like Nitzer Ebb and Front 242, and of course Depeche Mode, but contains references to The Doors and Velvet Underground.

They promise a high tempo, hard beats and dystopia mixed with a touch of psychadelica to the show at Subkult. in other words, bring your darkest clothing and tie your boots tight!