Headline release!

Subkultfestival beats on the drum for this friday release. Subkul keeps on recruiting big international names to this years festival to show the rest of Sweden that we are here and we are here to stay. With industrial pop from USA and energic electrorock from Belgium we'll be experiencing a strong lineup that makes us wish that the summer was already here.

Vive La Fête

anny and Els met in 1997 and it was true love at first sight. The energy that emerged between them was also what started Vive La Fête. They used their attraction to each other and their talent to create their own world of music, humor, glamour and love. Their übersexy electrorock has taken the Belgian Vive La Fête around the world to hip clubs and festivals.
It was a couple of years ago since the band was last in Sweden and we'll be looking forward in seening them here on Swedish ground again.

Aesthetic Perfection

Aesthetic Perfection is the solo project of Los Angeles-based producer Daniel Graves. Over a career spanning 15 years, five full-length-albums, and numerous singles and music videos, Graves has reinvented what it means to be a dark electro artist, combining industrial, pop, goth, and everything inbetween.