Subkult makes a heavy release

Subkultfestivalen gives you a new release of bands, and this time of the heavier kind. With a lineup consisting of many electronic and synthbased bands and artists we wanted to you that we’re a festival for many different kinds of subcultural genres.

Walking With Strangers, Scumbag Millionaire and Norrsköld will make a great impact on this years festival with energetic riffs, hard breakdowns and deep growl.

Walking With Strangers - The quintet from Trollhättan have made themselves more and more known during the last few years and have shared stages with bands like Entombed, Soilwork and I Killed The Prom Queen. The band rose from the ashes with their latest album "Terra" that brought them back on tour through Europe once again. Now they’re back to their hometown to spread their message.

Scumbag Millionaire - The band from Gothenburg run over the audience with their energetic music that almost makes your body explode of insanity. The songs "Dead End" and "Full Speed Go" will fill the town of Trollhättan with a feeling of festival that you'll be able to grab onto.
Norrsköld - Norrsköld plays a melodic death metal with a swinging sound. The band has received great reviews all over the world with comparisons with bands like Dissection, early In Flames and Emperor. Norrsköld offers a memorable live experience with hard metal and melodies that takes a grip on you and refuse to let go.