The first international release of 2017!

Subkult release their second batch of artists for 2017 and aims for the international acts that without any doubt will make an imprint on the Swedish music scene. With bands like Project Pitchfork, She Past Away and Pretty Addicted the audience will experience shows with dark-wave from the german industries, post-punk with strong dark-wave influences and cyberpunk created from total chaos.

Project Pitchfork
We at Sukult took the advice when media recently asked for any Swedish organizer to bring them to Sweden, cause who could honestly say that it's not an obvious choice? The legends recently released their new album "Look Up, I'm Down There" with great reviews and an album that makes the industrial gothic music topical again. It's now time for their return to Sweden after their last visit in 2015.

That alone is a good reason to be looking forward to the summer!

She Past Away
The ambassadors for turkish post-punk is creating a name for themselves in the world. With a growing fanbase here in Sweden it made for an obvious choice for them to visit us this summer to make the festival even darker than before. The music have a dark and gothic sound that we all should experience atleast once in our lives.

Pretty Addicted
As a woman in an extremely male dominated genre within the dark electronic underground scene it's most often hard to break through and pass the wall that is created. Pretty Addicted doesn't just pass the wall, they smash it down and couldn't care less about it. Reading the words "We come. We fuck shit up. We leave" we expect an energic live show like no other.