Foto: Jonas Fransson


Genre: Goth/Metal

Swedish gothic metal band Beseech plays an exclusive gig at Subkult. With several albums in the luggage and a past as one of the early bands that mixed goth and metal, Beseech makes a band with a solid history that began in Borås already in 1992.

After Beseech was buried for almost 10 years, the inevitable summer 2012 happened. The original writers Klas Bohlin (today song) and Robert Vintervind (guitar) decided to test some new material. The result came to sound more Beseech than ever - back to the roots and the same characteristic melancholy feeling, but in a new exciting vintage. Shortly thereafter, Manne Engström (guitar) joined and Beseech entered the "classic Beseech studio", StudioMega / Fascination Street in the fall of 2012 to discover the new direction of the band.

For a band with over 20 years of history, member changes often become a fact. For Beseech's part, it was primarily about hand-picking the right people for the new direction. The latter edition consists of; Johan Örnborg (bass), producer / sound engineer at Fascination Street Studios. Angelina Sahlgren Söder (song), with experience from both theater and musicals. Last but not least, Håkan Carlsson (drums) adds a new dimension through his distinctive drum play.

2016 the band's 6th and latest album "My Darkness, Darkness" was released, which came to be a continuation of the critically acclaimed album "Souls Highway".