Foto: Jonas Fransson

art exhibition


In the light of the tunnel we watch

The darkness of the moment whistles past

Except in the eyes and with warmth inside

At the mirror, on the border - there we reign

An art exhibition with Julia Pivén, Cecilia P. Landgren and Emma Ljung which will be held during Subkultfestivalen 2019 at Folkets Hus in Trollhättan.


An uncompromising artist who carries a heavy passion for painting. Through the brush she arranges mysteries of man's existence and psyche. With a desire for a truth beyond our borders, her writings testify to a journey through science and cognition.

Those of you who enter Julia's image world of eminent existentialism and unrestrained darkness can await many deep and forbidden issues with a twinkle in the eye.


A small source of light in a constant darkness is like a single hopeful thought in a dark mind, both precious and very beautiful.

Cecilia wants to capture her creations in the moment of introspection. The silent drama and the melancholy sense of fear, loneliness and harmonious silence.

With metals as the basis for different media and hand-forged frames that are adapted in detail to each individual work, she creates multidimensional essence with a shadow of mystery over her.


Emma's art is inspired by nature, mysticism, the dimension beyond the boundaries of the universe and the relationship between light and darkness within all of us. The union of opposites and the potential of the whole, by embracing all our sides, both shadow and light.