Foto: Helge Roewer

Foto: Helge Roewer

apoptygma berzerk

Genre: Electropop

Since its inception in 1989, Apoptygma Berzerk has experimented with all genres in the music's electronic field, and ranged from EBM and Futurepop to synthpop, instrumental Berlin School, New Wave and Synth Rock.

You have all danced to "Kathy's Song", "Love Never Dies", "To The End Of The World", "Starsign" and "Eclipse", and it's always a full party when APOP performs their classic hits!

With new material out there, lots of concerts with sold out gigs in Gothenburg and Oslo in recent years, we can promise you a very special experience when this headliner comes to the stage on Friday, June 26, 2020 on the 5-year anniversary of Subkult!