alice in videoland

Genre: Electroclash/Punk

After a long break, the electropunk-band Alice in Videoland finally reunites. The band that has already reached cult-status with their twisted mixture of electro, punk, pop and synth music are considered to be pioneers within Swedish modern electro. May 2015 was the date for the new single-release "Let Go" from the upcoming album, released at Diket Records.

"We had released four albums and spent a lot of time on the road for eight years when the whole band felt like we had started to forget to have fun together, the spark had gone and we decided to take a break to do other stuff. Now we have found the joy of playing together again", says the songwriter and singer Toril Lindqvist. 

In the beginning of 2014, Toril Lindqvist and Anders Alexander started writing together again, there was no stress and the goal was simply to have fun!

"What started out as some playing around resulted in a whole album, stronger and with more heart than our previous material, but still with a lot of the unique Alice in Videoland-sound" - says Toril Lindqvist.

We present to you, Alice in Videoland!