Accessibility at Subkult Festival

We at Subkult have had the vision from the very beginning to be Swedens most accessible and welcoming festival. In our management team there's serveral people that themselves have physical or mental variations.

In april of 2016 Subkult started a cooperation with the arvsfondenproject "Organizers without barriers" that works full time on accessibility issues connected to cultural events. Subkult is held at Folkets Park in Trollhättan. The festival area is covered in asphalt which improves the accessibility in case of bad weather and rain. Our festival area also contain two disabled toilets, a ramp up to the bar/restaurant and available spots infront of the stage for visitors in wheelchairs or electric wheelchair.

Your escort will of course have a free entrance when escorting you in the area.

The premiere in 2016

Subkult is proud to announce two new ways of thinking about accessibility!

Spaces for wheelchairs: 

Together with "Organizers without barriers" we helped in developing a specialy constructed barricades infront of the stages. Instead of placing out the visitors in wheelchairs on constructed ramps way in the back of the crowd, we constructed special spaces infront of the barricades, in which made it possible for visitors in a wheelchair to experience the shows from first row! These spaces was created in consultation with "Organizers withour barriers" and professional security- and emergency workers to meet all the nessecary security requirements.

A number to call regarding accessibilty issues:
In order to make Subkult as accessible and safe as possible for visitors with psychological issues or other variations we started a special number that you can call regarding this during the festival. All of this was in collaboration with "Organizers without barriers". The phone was manned at all hours during the weekend that Subkult was held. Anyone was able to call this number regardless if it was about accessbility, safety or if you just wanted to talk to someone if you've had a bad time or felt alone.

Subkult festival 2017
We at Sukult has already started the planning on the next upcoming event. We're working on more new and innovative ideas to make our festival even more accessible and meet our goal to be the most accessible in Sweden. If you have any ideas or thoughts to how we can improve on being as accessible and secure as possible. Then please e-mail us at and tell us more about it. We're interested in all your thoughts and ideas!

We are at the moment interested in cooperations with organizations that work with questions regarding visual impairments and hearling loss.

A warm welcome to Subkult 2017!