Subkult is a culture festival found in Folkets Park, Trollhättan. This festival was held for the first time during 2 days between 12-13 of August 2016.

Subkults orientation is subcultural and standard cross interests, lifestyles and expressions. We have chosen to focus on subcultures like goth, synth, postpunk, indie, metal, punk, emo, lolita, industrial, elektronica and such.

Subkult is a festival that not just contain music, but also art, dance, shows, theatre, musicals, workshops and a living market.

The festival aims to make a difference in our society by put a light on important subjects like exclusion, discrimination, hatecrimes, bullying and availablity. You can read more about this below under the title Vision.

Everyone is welcome to visit us at Subkult, even if you're the die hard goth, the experienced synther or maybe you're just curious without any knowledge about these kinds of subcultures.

Subkult is a non-profit festival and thanks to economic contributions, important cooperations and partners we can grow.

The organizers behind this festival is a group included with the association Subvox in cooperation with Trollhättan county and also including many other associations, organizations, projects and companies.



Subkults vision is to be the biggest cultural festival in the Nordic region with a focus on subcultures and standard cross cultures. Our focus shall be within music, art, theatre, dance and shows that normaly dont get the same amount in the spotlight as other types are.

Subkult aims to be Swedens most accessible and open minded festival with an active questioning of the societys norms regarding how you should look, think or be like. The festival should bring forth subcultural genres like goth, synth, postpunk, indie, metal, punk, emo, lolita, industrial and other similar genres whilst we also want to enlighten the mystical, supernatural and the different.

Subkult want to encourage, support, educate and to be a venue for people that live within these subcultures, but also invite everyone else that is intrested in experiencing these different kinds of subcultures. Subkult shall be organized with and by the associations and organizations that create and form all the activities that you can find around the festival area. This involves and engages associations and compatnies around the whole country.

Subkult strives to be a large, yearly venue where people from different places in Sweden and internationally can meet and share their subcultural interests and show these to the public.